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Tapnell Park Farm

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Tapnell Park Farm, near Freshwater/Yarmouth, is one of those big 'farms' that's much more than that.

This place has soft play, a giant 'pillow' bouncy castle, straw bales and go-karts...and a few animals as well. I'd say though, that the animals are almost secondary to the fun! We went with our eldest when he was about 1.5years old and had a good time, however I think we'd have even more fun if we went back now as he was a bit young for a lot of things then. With loads to do, we recommend this for a full day out for the family.

Key facts:

Great for kids, though ages 3+ will have more to enjoy

30 mins from Ventnor by car

Cafes on site

....and a few resident Wallabies too...!

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