Self Catering Holiday Apartment
Ventnor Isle of Wight

Terms and Conditions of Booking

By Continuing With Your Booking You Confirm Your Acceptance Of Our Terms and Conditions

1. A booking becomes effective when the signed booking form and deposit or online booking form and deposit have been received by us. The visitor will then become liable to pay the balance of the total cost of the holiday eight weeks before the commencement of the holiday.

2. The balance payable will include a security deposit of £100 which will be returned to the visitor within 14 working days of departure from the property less any deductions for loss, damage or extra cleaning.

3. In the event of a visitor canceling the holiday we will try to re-book the accommodation. In the event that the accommodation is re-booked the visitor will only be liable to pay an administrative charge of £125. If we are unable to re-book the accommodation, the visitor will be liable for the full amount due for the holiday.

4. The property must only be occupied by the party on the booking form. We must be advised at the time of booking if the party of the visitor will be comprised of an all male or all female group.

5. The visitor must leave the property in a clean and tidy condition.

6. The property owner or his/her representative shall be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy.

7. The property owner shall not be liable for the death, or injury to the visitor, or his/her party or for any loss or damage to the possessions of the visitor or his/her party howsoever caused to the extent that such liability can be excluded by law and the visitor shall indemnify the property owner against any claims arising from occupation of the property by the visitor and his/her party.

8. The visitor is liable to the property owner for the actual costs of any loss, damage, extra cleaning or any other extra costs arising from the occupation of the property by the visitor and his/her party for which the visitor or his/her party is liable. The visitor must notify any damage, losses and breakages to the property owner before the property is vacated.

9. The doors and windows of the property must be secured each time the property is left unoccupied during the holiday. Any theft or damage resulting from non-compliance will be the visitor’s responsibility and must be replaced, repaired or otherwise made good at the expense of the visitor.

10. Occupation of Millers Rock is from 2.30 pm Saturday (arrival day) until 10.00 am Saturday (departure day), unless otherwise agreed in writing.

11. If the property is not available for any reason the property owner is relieved of all liability beyond the full refund of monies received.

12. If, in the opinion of the property owner, the visitor or any of his/her party are guilty of conduct, prejudicial to the property, or are in breach of the law, or cause a serious disturbance, the proprietor may re-take possession of the property without compensation to the visitor.

13. Dogs are not permitted at Millers Rock.

14. Smoking is not permitted inside the property.

15. All vehicles are parked on the property at the vehicle owner’s risk.

16. All keys must be returned to the property owner at the time of departure.

Please also see Information About Your Stay and our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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